14 Important Facts Why Companies Spend Money on Advertising

Time Took: 6 hours Advertising is the best way of communicating with potential customers by creating product awareness in the market. Effective advertising results in urging the targeted consumers to choose your company’s product over other competitors available in the market by highlighting the qualities of your product. Advertising is a helpful tool in creating […]

15 important tips How do consumers benefit from advertising?

Time took: 8 Hours Do you think marketing and advertising are important only for the progress and development of a business? You are wrong here. How do consumers benefit from advertising? Advertising is equally important for the consumers also. It encourages competition that results in better quality products and more reliable services. It increases demand, […]

5 Important Factors that Decide How Much does it Cost to Run a Facebook Ad?

Time took: 6 hours Facebook is the largest platform for introducing and promoting your product with a massive customer base. The cost of Facebook ads varies, depending on many variables, including your Ad objective, your bidding type, your targeted audience, the quality of your ad, and your Ad industry. The quality and value of your […]

10 interesting facts that tell what role does marketing play in our society?

Time took: 6 hours 20 minutes. Do you know what role does marketing plays in our society and how marketing benefits society? Marketing is important for businesses, but it is equally important for consumers, too. It encourages competition resulting in a better quality of products. It educates consumers. It balances the demand and supply of […]

What colors make people want to buy and their role in marketing

What colors make people want to buy? Color psychology is an essential element to study human behavior and decision-making. Different colors elicit different emotional triggers. Color psychology is very effective in marketing Colors are important for brand recognition and business success. The colors are attractive. The colors are playful. The colors have the power. The […]

How much does it cost for Google Ads?

Time Took: 8 Hours Businesses can now easily reach their targeted audience, thanks to Google Ads. It’s interesting to note that Google Ads work differently than the regularly paid medium of advertisement. Through google paid advertisement, the business will only pay when the customer will take action. The budget can be planned accordingly taking into […]

13 Essential Questions to ask a Marketing Company during an interview

13 Essential Questions to ask a Marketing Company during an interview Time took: 5 Hours 15 mints Have you ever wondered what questions to ask in a marketing interview? What should be the interview questions for a social media marketing agency? Asking the right marketing questions is essential for leaving a lasting impression on the […]

What to Put on a Website for business to Attract Ideal Clients

What to Put on a Website for business to Attract Ideal Clients Starting or owning a business needs many questions to be answered. Without finding answers to these questions, it is usually hard for businesses to succeed. For example, one of the most important questions that many businesses struggle with is ‘What to put on […]

9 Incredibly Best ways to advertise on social media

9 Incredibly Best ways to advertise on social media Time took: 8 hours 35 mints Use social media to share exciting product advertisements. To advertise deals, market the audience with interactive advertising, shared advertisements, contextual ads lists for search ads. Use social media to spell the word of an exciting product advertising, and have an […]