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How much does it cost for google ads?

As a new entrepreneur, you may have to see every option that you can avail yourself of to grow your business online. Many people are advised on advertising through Google. Most of the time, when online businesses are flourished, it is because of these Google ads that one sees while using any online website for watching any video. This idea then pops a question in your mind that says How much does it cost for google ads? We have everything right here on listed that gives a detailed analysis of the cost of ads on google. 

The cost of Google ads varies depending upon several different factors and so it is hard to fix one amount to the ads. The costs of the ads depend totally upon you and not on the Google search engine. It is your choice that how you are advertising on google. It is a customizable ad platform where you can increase or reduce the ad spent time to your fit. 

Earning revenue through Google ads is one of the most common ways in the market these days. Life these days is becoming more and more online and, in this situation, where Covid cases are on the spike every day around the globe, Google ads will help to increase your business and it will bring the targeted audience to your doorstep. 

If you are looking for a more efficient and productive way to get the targeted audience, and if your manager is not taking your business in the right direction, maybe Google paid advertisement is what you need to switch on and you will see how the targeted audience will be delivered to you just through little money and that too depends on the type of business you are handling. Following are the different things that one needs to keep in mind before putting any website to the advertisement. 

The industry cannot be changed because well, it is your business and the main body, but all other factors can be changed, and they all depend on you. You can schedule the ad you can work according to the budget that you have after all the necessary tasks. You can also look for the popular keywords and through the bid, you can rank your advertisements up. 

Bidding for Google Ads:

For delving into the query of what does it costs to advertise on google, it is vital to note that Bidding on Google ads is one of the factors you have complete control over. The bidding belongs to the industry and the related keyword that you are willing to buy and the amount of money you are willing to spend on it.

If you get the highest bid for a specific keyword search, for instance, if you are an owner of an electronics shop and you are bidding for the keywords “best electronic shops” you need to put a high amount of money to be the top-ranked website after the search results have appeared. In this way, you can get a lot of audiences and your revenue will be generated each time you have a visitor.  

Insight on Google ads:

Google ads work on an auction system through which you earn money. Every time someone searches with a keyword, Google search engine displays the first four to five websites that have written the word AD in bold to the left. These websites are the ones that will be getting their revenue each time someone clicks on these websites for the information they need.

But to be featured on the top, you need to win the auction and it can be done by maintaining your bid amount. If the relevance of the searched keyword to your website is high, you get the benefit. There are few other ways to improve the quality and bid score.

Cost of advertising on Google:

Google advertisement price and cost of advertising on Google are two of the most searched questions on the Google search engine. The price of Google ads varies according to the content that you are sharing. It depends on the following things: the AdWords, the cost per click, and the pay per click. 

Google has given us different options of spending our money on advertisements which are also called google ad placement costs. The question that how much is it to advertise on google becomes clear when you get to know that the average cost per click on the search engine ranges from $1 to $2. Whereas for the display network the same cost per click goes down to $1. The highest amount that is spent on Google ads is $50. Google banner ads cost lies between the CPC and PPC. 

Cost of google AdWords can also be estimated after you get to know about the criterion of CPC and PPC. Google AdWords average cost per click is estimated every time someone clicks on the website that you have provided as an ad. The process through which this cost is estimated is known as the ad auction.

 google advertising cost on average goes up to $10,000 if we do not segregate the variants. However, google paid advertising differs for different ads depending upon the targeted audience and the content that is being put to advertise. Next time, if someone asks you how much it costs for google ads, make sure to brief them about every detail we provided you with.

PPC on Google:

After asking yourself the questions that How much does it cost for google ads? How much does google charge for ads? your next question should be about how much is PPC on google. It is important to pause here and look at the abbreviations we will come across.  

PPC is the pay per click and as discussed, the advertiser will only pay each time the user will click the ad. CPC is the cost per click. It is the same as PPC, however, the PPC refers to the whole strategy and CPC is the metric measuring cost per click.   

The prices of banners, CPC, and ppc are different when you put them for the Google ads. According to an estimate, the average monthly PPC advertising cost for Google is $15 to $800 per month. Most of the time people ask the question that how much to advertise on google and it gets difficult to answer as Google gives us a wide range to manage our business according to the budget that we have. 

The PPC appears on the search network when you search for something and the top three websites are recommended by Google, these websites are the ones with ads, and each time you click on these websites’ revenue is generated for the owner of the website.

Earning of small business through Google ads:

Small businesses on Google cannot spend the amount of money the large businesses spend on the advertisements. The sole reason lies behind the limited money that these businesses have to run their setup.

The most important thing for these small businesses is to have a critical analysis of their competitors. In this way, you can compete with the larger brands in the minimum possible money to spend with. That is why google AdWords budget for small business should roughly lie within $2,500 to $7,500. 

In this way, it doesn’t affect their business too much and keeps them steady.  google AdWords cost per click estimator is less than any other variant of Google ad. Before any small business asks questions like; how much does Google charges for ads or what is AdWords cost estimator make sure that you have a fixed budget and a critical approach to deal with all the larger businesses in the market. Because once you know your rival it gets easier for you to pay for the google AdWords campaign cost. 


To sum up, it would be interesting to have a look at Google Ads cheat sheet for better cost understanding: 

Cost Factor

Average cost

Ad Spend


CPC (Google search network)

$1 – $2 / click

CPC (Google display Network)

$1 or less / click

Professional Google ads manager


12%-13% of ad spend per month

PPC Management tool

$15-$800 per month


Source: Cardinal Digital Marketing website

So how can one decide how much budget is good enough? It is most practical to plan a budget that will receive a minimum of 2,000 clicks. However, for everyday budgets, the amount tends to fluctuate regularly. For instance, for around $1000 monthly budget, you can spend $25 one day and the next day you can spend $40. 

Whatever the case is, it’s been proven that investing in google ads can be profitable if managed the right way. Statistics show $1 that you spend on Google ad can lead to $2 in revenue.  The perks of advertising on Google are more than the risk involved. It should be remembered that no matter how generous your budget is, the right team and right strategy is equally important to achieve an optimal PPC campaign. 


How much does it cost to put an Ad on Google?

Ans: The per-click average cost for Google Ads is estimated between $1 and $2. The answer, however, depends on the situation and variables. These variable factors are the industry that your business operates in, the current fads and trends, e.g., the pandemic, and the life cycle of the customer.

Depending on these factors, the keyword can cost a minimum of a few cents and reach up to a couple hundred dollars. To target keywords with high competition and potential value, you might have to spend a higher amount of money.

Are Google ads worth it?

Ans: As a young businessman, you have several questions in your mind when someone gives you an idea of earning through the Google ads by which not only your business can be flourished but you will also get back the revenue from the ads that Google makes.

The most repeatedly asked question after how much do google ads cost is the worth of these Google ads. You can reach your targeted audience through these Google ads especially when you are running a small business. And that too comes with an additional benefit that you will get back the portion of money from the total amount that you spend.  

Are Google Ads free?

Ans: The good news is that signing up for an account is Free. You will only pay when your customers will take action, i.e., click the google ad and will you’re your business or visit your website. You can also be flexible as there is no need to make a long-term contract.

You can pause, cancel and resume anytime according to your convenience. What more? The budget can also be adjusted for the holiday season or the busy product launch period.

Here is a Quick Question for you:

Which Factor would you prioritize before paying for a Google Ad?

  1. Topics and keywords phrase your customers usually search 
  2. Your competitors’ analysis: Their strategies for Google Ads.
  3. Actions you are expecting from visitors: Number of visitors, email leads or Return on Investment
  4. Your budget
  5. All of the above factors

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