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If you are a business, you must know how much does it cost to run a Facebook ad. In case you are unaware, I am here to guide you.

Want to enhance sales by increasing traffic at your shop’s e-store? Look nowhere else, promote your product through the king of social media advertising: Facebook. Facebook’s advertising platform is incomparably the most groundbreaking platform among all other social media platforms. Facebook has 2.01 billion users, which introduces a vast customer base to your product, creating awareness at a larger scale. 


To compare the functionality of promotion through Facebook, you have first to know how much does it cost to run a Facebook ad? Then you can analyze the reach with that of other mediums and the cost of ads at various other platforms. The result will be as transparent as daylight, and Facebook advertising rates are much reasonable and reach a larger audience in mass media.

To know how much they cost of advertising on Facebook, read this article till the end, and you’ll learn all the must-know details of Facebook page promotion cost.

How much does it cost to run a Facebook ad?

Cost of Facebook Ads in 2021

For the determination of Facebook promotion cost, there are many variables to take into account. The minimum to maximum Facebook advertising cost range is from as little as 0.50 US Dollars to 10 US Dollars.

To understand the key variables that determine where between this range your advertising cost on Facebook will lie, you have to know how Facebook ads work and what are benchmarks and strategies to reduce your Facebook ads cost per click.

According to detailed studies from Word Stream, the average cost of Facebook ads through all businesses is 1.72 US Dollars. A significant share of the average cost goes to the insurance industries and the finance industries with more than three and a half US Dollar per click.

The traveling industry costs 0.63 US Dollars, retails accounts for 0.70 US Dollars per click, and the apparel industry has as low as 0.45 UD Dollars per click. These are some of the cheapest Facebook-sponsored ad costs

You can see in the below chart the average cost of Facebook ads through all businesses.

the average cost of Facebook ads
Source: www.oberlo.com

Ad Espresso reveals that for all countries around the globe, the typical cost-per-click is 0.97 US Dollars.

The Average Advertising Cost on Facebook

Wherever you search, you get the same answer of how much the average Facebook advertising cost is? Every platform tells you that it depends. Facebook measures CPC (Cost per click) at 0.27 US Dollars on average. However, in terms of CPM (Cost per thousand impressions), Facebook charges 7.19 US Dollars on average. 

Some factors determine how low or high the cost of your Facebook ad will be from the average ballpark figure.

Factors Influencing Cost of Advertising on Facebook

The important factors that impact and influence the Facebook ad campaign cost are as follows:

1. Ad Objective

Your ad objective is the critical factor that influences and determines the cost of your Facebook ad. There are initially three ad objectives, and Facebook establishes who to show the ad based on your choice of ad objective. This ad objective has a direct effect on the cost of your advertising.

Types of Ad Objectives:


Awareness ad objective targets maximum users who click a lot of ads. These ads build product interest by creating awareness among the masses.


Consideration ads are a step ahead of the awareness ads. They get people contemplating the product so that they look for more details about it.


Conversion ads stimulate users to take action and buy your product or service.

Facebook chooses between users to show them your ad based on your ad objective. Creating awareness and getting traffic at your website would select a person who clicks a lot of ads but seldom fills the lead form. For increasing sales, it would show the ad to a person who is not very clicky but is likely to convert. Therefore, the cost rises if your targeted customer pool is small.

To ensure that your advertising cost on Facebook stays low, you must choose the proper ad adjective for your product.

2. Ad Auction

The next important key factor influencing your Facebook promotional advertising cost is the bidding type and amount. It depends on the value of your ad. These factors determine the value of an ad:

For achieving the above purposes, Facebook holds auctions where both parties are interested. Advertisers get their targeted audience, and people get what they are interested in. The winner of the action is not the one with the highest bidding but the one with the most value.

Ad Value is the basis of these three things:

Your Facebook promotional ad is set against other similar ads in an ad auction, and the highest value ads get up and running.

Types of Bids

There are two types of bids that could affect your Facebook ad costs: Manual and Automatic.


Manual bidding deals in the advertiser deciding the worth of the Ad value. Facebook encourages advertisers to focus on higher bids and ROI (Return on Investment). In automatic bidding, your bid is set for you by Facebook, depending on the action of the people.

3. Facebook Audience

Choosing your targeted audience to view your advertising is the most important aspect of reducing your cost of advertising on Facebook. Your prices will be as low as the relevance of your audience to your ad.

Facebook has over 350 audience attributes that you can choose and select from. The art of perfecting a good combination comes with years of experience. The varieties you choose will determine the relevance of your audience, thus hitting the target on point.

Ad Relevance Scoring on Facebook

Facebook uses a scoring range (1 – 10) for determining the relevance of your product to the audience’s interest. High relevance scores will reduce your ad costs. These scores are calculated by assessing the positive and negative feedback received from the audience. When people hide or report your ad, your relevance scores drop.

4. Quality of Advertising

The Facebook page of your audience is their personal space where they come to spend spare time and look for things that might interest them. They do not have the intention of shopping. Therefore, you need to make your ad appealing and involving the audience so that they are jolted into action.

5. Ad Industry

Your ad industry has an immense influence on the cost of your advertising. If you are selling luxury goods, it is likely that your Facebook ad cost calculator will show a higher result than if your product is an item of necessity.

The industry you belong to has a direct relation with the cost of your Facebook advertising.

The Operation of Facebook Ad System?

Here’s a quick guide to knowing how the Facebook ad system works. These are the mechanisms.

Working on Auction

Facebook wouldn’t assault users with a shower of ads. Therefore, for the particular space available, many candidates are willing to run their ads. So Facebook has a system of advertisers bidding against each other for the advertising spot. Whoever gets the highest value will get the location and reach the target market. Advertisers do not just compete for a place, and they compete for the target market as well.

Strategies to Decrease the Cost of Your Facebook Ads

The following strategies can help you in increasing your ROI and reducing the cost of your Facebook advertising:

Split testing refers to breaking the ad campaign into two chunks and running both with different images to test the performance of your ad. This way you can know which ad performs better and you can improve gradually.

Sometimes, to choose,dollars the correct object that will reduce the cost of your Facebook advertising and increase your ROI, you have to focus on one Objective at a time. Whichever Objective is selected by you, your ad campaign should be in lieu of the Objective—choosing more than one objective increases to cost instead of giving you more for your money.

Relevance score is the key to reducing your Facebook ad and increasing its value. If your ad resonates with the audience, they will likely click and engage in the ad and eventually buy it. High relevance scores lower the cost of advertising on Facebook.

You also need to monitor your ad frequency scores. High scores indicate that the same audience is viewing your Content. This high-frequency score could adversely affect the cost. Potential converters usually take action on viewing an ad for the first or the second time. Therefore, you must strive for low-frequency scores (below 3).

For developing the audience’s interest, you need to create new ads that can keep the interest of the audience alive. People get bored by looking at the same Content over and over again. It might lose impact, and the value in terms of relevancy might be affected.

Facebook offers innumerable options or target audiences. To reduce your Facebook advertising cost, you should select an audience for every particular campaign. If each campaign has a target audience, it will generate more ROI and, in turn, reduce cost.

The most straightforward way to reduce your Facebook advertising cost is to cap your bid. This way, not more than one dollar per ad will be spent on your advertising campaign, and you can keep your costs in check. However, this could make you lose an ad spot in the auction.

Remarketing and retargeting campaigns produce many clicks and help in product reach to a larger audience. Remarketing serves your ads to the audience based on your email interactions and retargeting serves your ads to the audience based on their browser searches and cookies. There are many remarketing options available on Facebook for use.


How much do Facebook ads cost in 2020?

Answer: There is variation in the cost of Facebook ads in 2020. On average, the range was around 0.50 US Dollar to 2.00 US Dollars per click.

How much does it cost to run an ad on Facebook?

Answer: Facebook advertising cost is measured in CPC (Cost per click) and CPM (Cost Per thousand impressions). In terms of CPC, the average cost is around 0.27 per click, and in terms of CPM, the average cost is 7.10 CPM.

How much does it cost to advertise on Facebook per month?

Answer: On average, companies spend 200 US Dollars to 800 US Dollars per month depending on the nature and size of their business.

How much does a Facebook ad cost per day?

Answer: Facebook ad costs do not exceed 5 US Dollars per day. However, many variables affect the range of your daily expense on Facebook advertising campaigns.


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How much does it cost to run a Facebook ad?