What colors make people want to buy?


Yes, you read it right. Colors are influential. They trigger different emotions. If you want to know what color attracts people’s attention or what are the best colors for advertising signs to help you choose the best colors to use for marketing. Keep reading this article to un-discover the secret of what colors make people want to buy.

Firstly, let’s look into the psychology of these colors.


There are many attractive colors. According to psychology, colors are the elements that affect human behavior and decision-making. Another quality of colors is to alter emotions in people as different people have different perceptions about colors. The application and perception of color are strongly directed by in-born physiological and psychological proneness. How colors shape feelings also depends on age and gender, habitat, temperature, and cultural background. The color pink denotes feminism, and it is mostly used by companies that sell stuff for women.

People set preferences as per their perceptions. If certain colors make us feel different moods, in the same way, different moods can help us select different colors. Like black is the color for sorrow in the general public, it also triggers fear and death. It’s a fact that different hues can cause emotional changes. Color helps people to make their initial judgments about a place or a product. Color charts explain the meaning of different colors.

These eye-catching colors develop perception better than any other mode of communication. Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung called color the “mother tongue of the subconscious.” His psychological studies led him to develop art therapy.


It is understood that the most attractive colors to the human eye are not just colors; they play a good game in changing people’s minds and perspectives. Colors are associated with human emotions, and usually, people choose colors based on how they feel at that time. Sometimes, however, people want to follow a trend of color and decide to follow it. 85% of buyers in the U.S.A agree that they look for the product’s color before buying, and 66% will not accept a product if it is unavailable in their desired color.

Another preference to choose the color over others besides emotions is favoritism. Some people have a favorite color, and they pick it no matter what state of feeling they are going through. In psychology, this “favorite” color also helps to understand personality and other related traits.

It is essential to use color psychology accordingly to take benefits from it. For example, red color makes an impression of strongness and power, while green represents calamity and pleasure. It concluded that specific colors have specific meanings and should be considered while interacting with people. Placebo pills are available in different colors, and they help consumers or patients to perceive their effectiveness. Red pills are usually used as stimulants, while green pills are used as antidepressants.

As you can see, colors also cause many psychological effects. They can inspire a customer or trigger to take action. Psychologists have studied the impact of colors in marketing and examined some facts like what colors make people want to buy, the best colors to use for marketing, and which attention-grabbing colors are the best colors for advertising signs.

Can you think of the importance and significance of colors in your daily life?


Understanding color psychology is good for graphic designers, logo designers, e-commerce websites, and building a brand name. Color psychology must be a center point of focus to create a distinctive perspective in your client’s mind and help you generate lead over competitors. Color psychology is pivotal to convert a visiting purchaser into a buyer.

So, it is important to find about best colors to use for marketing. Design your store with attention-grabbing colors while considering what colors attract customers to buy and colors that increase sales positively.

Color psychology has been largely utilized in marketing campaigns. The colors can build a good interaction between business and customers, better than words and images. The ads on social media, the brochures for a business, or an e-commerce website all choose what colors stand out the most in a situation to run marketing effectively.

Selecting appropriate color schemes will make people buy, and it will help you amplify your business. The colors powerfully attack the outlook of your business among people. Understanding how people analyze different colors will lead to running a good marketing scheme for your business. It is much more than using attractive colors to make your store look good!

Willian Stephan states supported the use of colors in his report by stating that “it is very important to learn about what color attracts people’s attention the most so we can use it for effective marketing schemes.” The psychology of colors in marketing and advertising induces emotions.

Can you tell what colors make people want to spend money?

Yes! Color can be the only reason that triggers customers to buy a product. The research of the Asian color expo concluded that more than 90% of customers accept products that appeal to them visually, and 85% agree that color is the element to decide what colors make people want to buy things. A leading clothing brand ASOS declares that 40% of ladies agree that they choose dresses on their color preference.

Another Yes comes from the marketing agents as an answer. They plan and decide about the best colors to use for marketing. They evaluate the perspective of human psychology and answer their query about what color makes people want to buy things.


A business needs smart marketing. It is essential to use colors that make people want to buy. Colors represent your brand and reflect the personality of your business. While selecting a color, give it plenty of time. What color option you select drives an emotion towards your business, and it should be the first and most important point to consider. Do not use plenty of colors. Rather use two main colors that people can remember. You can obviously add black for text purposes.

Famous businesses that select two colors for their logo usually build their business world around them. Their advertisement campaigns, logo, color scheme, and offices all have similar color schemes.

Once done with color selection, a business is all set to implement it in different marketing channels.


The following charts show the impact of colors on human psychology and how they can affect their decisions.

 impact of colors on man psychology
impact of colors on man psychology

 impact of colors on woman psychology

impact of colors on Woman psychology

You should also be aware of the least favorite colors of each gender.

Source: https://neilpatel.com/

You should also be aware of the favorite colors of Men

You should also be aware of the favorite colors of Woman

Ensuring your color choices reinforce your brand identity can contribute to a higher conversion rate.

You can think of many brands. You recall their logo designs and colors as you hear their name. We are sure you remember them. No? What color comes to your mind when you think of McDonald’s, Nike, Netflix, Facebook? The list goes on.

When you design a logo and look for its colors, you try to evoke associations and emotions with it. Color psychology is critical to building your brand. Colors create brand relevance and a feeling of satisfaction towards it. Brands consciously choose colors that increase sales and build trust. They motivate a person to make the purchase.

Since we know the brain reacts differently to different colors, a wrong choice of color causes a negative perception of a brand.


We have been talking about color psychology, its effectiveness to change behavior and role in decision making, its role in building effective marketing and advertising signs, its influence on branding. Now, let us learn about the meaning of colors so we can use them effectively.

The red color:

The red color denotes power. It is a color for positive emotions like excitement, energy, passion, and action. Red color that increases sales and grabs people’s attention. It is a very effective and popular color in marketing, but use the right amount where necessary.

The button for actions on e-commerce and SALE announcement is always red. Remember red as a first option when thinking about what color makes people want to buy.

The blue color:

We observe that money-related companies always choose the blue color over any other color; it is surely not a coincidence that all banks have their logos in a single color.

The blue color infuses emotions of trust, honesty, and serenity. It also evokes the feeling of authority and intelligence. Blue is also a softer color to choose from over black that gives relaxing vibes in written texts.

Mix blue with different colors to get the best colors for advertising signs.

The pink color:

The pink color was thought to be the color for females. In color psychology, the color depicts youth, good health, romance, and kindness. The color also denotes excitement and boldness when used in marketing.

The famous breast cancer movement uses pink in its logo.

The yellow color:

The yellow is the color of enthusiasm, happiness, confidence, optimism, and hopefulness. It tells your customers that you are an expert and they can trust your abilities. It lets you take charge of your customer. If you are ever questioned, what color attracts sales people’s attention the most?

Your answer must be yellow, the color of sunshine.

The green color:

How do you feel about relaxing in a lush green natural spot? Close your eyes and give a thought about it.

The green color gives refreshing and relaxing vibes. It is also a color for hope, growth, reassurance, and balance. Health care companies use this color the most as it ensures health and compassion. It is a warm and inviting color; it also represents wealth.

Now you have the answer for what color makes people want to spend money.

The purple color:

The purple color is the color of royalty. It brings elegance and fame to a business when used in marketing. The color guarantees the quality, individuality, and creativity of the product. The lighter tone or the solid purple, you know what color stands out the most.

The gold color:

The gold color symbolizes luxury and riches in pedigree. It is used with purple or green and denotes sophistication and honor. It gives power to marketing tools.

The orange color:

The orange color is rejuvenating, fun, and uplifting. It is a primary cool and attractive color marketing campaign. It makes the customer feel great and optimistic about a company.

The Amazon logo has orange color in it.

The brown color:

The brown color ensures a sense of reliability and firmness. In marketing, it is the color to associate safety, dependability, security, and resilience. It is the most used color for the interior of companies. The brown combined with the grey color is a good dressing code professionally.

The earthy brown color is also known as the color for relaxation and comfort among people.

The black color:

The black color is the color for versatility and mystery. It is a dominant color used traditionally as well as in modern marketing. It adds boldness to marketing tactics and is proven to be an influential color that increases sale.

The black color is also famous for easiness it provides of readability.

All the text here is black!


What colors sell the most?

The most selling colors are:

What color attracts customers best?

It is observed that red is the most effective color on call-to-action buttons in most e-commerce stores.

What color is associated with money?

In the US, green is considered to be the color of money because it is the color of US greenbacks. On the other hand, red is also considered to attract wealth and money.

What colors attract customers to buy?

The colors that attract the customers to buy include red at the top, and then come blue, green, orange, gold, purple. And yellow.


In your opinion, what is the most effective tool to attract customers in successful marketing?

  1. The marketing channel
  2. The company’s name
  3. The color scheme
  4. The content in the advertisement.

Not everyone has the ability to understand what colors make people buy. You need an expert’s advice to make the best and most effective use of colors. TA Zonix is a super smart digital marketing agency that can help you in making the best decisions for your marketing and advertising plans. 

What colors make people want to buy?